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When I go to a restaurant, there are a couple of things that really set the tone for me, and if they aren’t “right”, then I feel a little let down.

So often, restaurants are judged simply by their food quality or freshness or their service. These things are important, yes, but for me there are other little things that sometimes go unnoticed.

In Jacó there are a lot of restaurants. But, one stands out more than the others.

pizza beerAway from the main strip at Driftwood Grill and Lounge, only with months being open, one can have the best food in Jacó and the best atmosphere to unwind and relax.

Let’s talk service. They have it in spades. Dale, a Canuck (Canadians for our friends to the South) transplanted in Costa Rica makes sure that his dedicated staff is attentive and knowledgeable. And friendly. In Dales word, “when you dine with us, you’re always in good hands”.

The decor is contemporary and elegant, the atmosphere relaxed. The menu includes pizza made right in front of you, pastas, hamburgers, sandwiches, steak & seafood, and special vegetarian dishes. Or just enjoy a cold beer at the bar with 55 Inch TV’s to enjoy your favourite sports

Stop in the next time you’re in the neighbourhood and enjoy an old favourite. Or, discover a new one. Either way, they’ll treat you to a dining experience that’s unparalleled.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out their bathrooms. The Driftwood has one of the sexiest (elegant and clean) bathrooms in Jacó. The condition of the bathroom also says a lot. A dirty, neglected bathroom is an indicator to me about how the kitchen is run, and subsequently, quite the appetite suppressant!

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Getting there
The Driftwood Grill & Bar is located on the first entrance road to Jacó, just before the bridge ahead of the main strip access., right across the Costa Linda condominiums.

Reservations aren’t needed. If you want to call ahead, you can reach Dale and his staff at 2634 4445 or email info@driftwoodgrill.com

Tell Dale you heard about his place on the Q and have a beer on us!

strong>This is a food review by the Q. It is not a paid ad.  If you like to have the Q review your restaurant, hotel, bar and so on, contact the editor@qcostarica.com.

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