CB2C9CCE8F97F1645D8C75A30C198Although by the end of today the only one standing for the presidential nomination for the Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN) will be Johnny Araya, the party is moving forward with its plans to hold a national convention on April 21, 2103.

Given that the chosen candidate will be by default (lack of competition), party president, Bernal Jiménez, explained that the convention will bring together two separate functions, the appointment of party officials and assemblies and the election of the presidential candidate.

And although the name of the official candidate may become official before the convention, given that Fernando Berrocal is expected to announce today his support of Araya, the convention will still occur.

“Yes, it seems it will be just Johnny Araya, who will be appointed by acclamation, but the date will depend on the candidate, if he chooses to do so before or after April 21”, Jiménez told CRHoy.com.

Other PLN presidential candidates appointed by acclamation include Francisco Orlich, Daniel Oduber and Oscar Arias.

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