Q COSTA RICA – As of 9:00am this morning (Saturday, April 22) the Poas volcano has accumulated 35 hours of uninterrupted eruptive activity, that began at 11:00pm Thursday.

Since the start of its eruptive activity at the beginning of the month, the last few days has seen an increase in the evaporation and degassing of the acid lagoon. Last week, during Semana Santa, the ‘domo’ (volcanic dome) or 30 meter high wall of the active crater disappeared.

According tot he Red Sismológica Nacional (RSN) – the National Seismological Network (RSN) – the eruptive activity has also included an increase in the amplitude of the volcanic tremor,

The break of dawn image captured this morning by the RSN camera demonstrate the high temperatures of the eruptive process and the instability of the colossus. (RSN)

The emission of solid material and the explosiveness gradually increased on Friday, and by the night the emission of ash was more noticeable and the volcano began the ejection of blocks at very high temperature that is still continuing this morning.

“This eruptive process is characterized by small explosions that are very frequent in time and of varying magnitude,” says the RSN.

During the night the high temperatures of the ejected material generated a strong incandescence seen through RSN surveillance camera, located at the southern edge of the active crater.

Source: RSN; Nacion.com

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