Poder Judicial building in downtown San José.
Poder Judicial building in downtown San José.

Costa Rica’s Judiciary, the Poder Judicial, says it has formed a special commission to investigate the penetration of drug trafficking and organized crime in the halls of justice.

The official website of the Poder Judicial de la República, reported among the commission members are the President and Vice-President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General and the Director of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ).

The commission was proposed by Judge Ernest Jinesta Lobo, President of the Constitutional Court, and accepted by the President of the Supreme Court, Zareal Villanueva Monge, in a special full Court session held Tuesday.

During the session the magistrates dealt with a report of the Tribunal de Juicio del Primer Circuito Judicial de la Zona Atlántica, Limón, where last week a judge was detained for allegedly receiving money in return for letting free a drug dealer.

Villanueva described the (Limón) event unfortunate and painful not only for the Judicial branch but for the country.

According to official information, the head magistrate stressed the importance of controls to function properly to detect irregularities and recognizing the integrity of other judges to file the complaint and request support of the President of ther Supreme Court help to cope with the workload of the Limón Courts.

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