Informal taxis protesting last month
Porteadores protesting last July 8

QCOSTARICA – What day is not known yet, but it will be this week, when porteadores will be creating havoc in the streets, said Friday the representative of the Cámara del Servicio Especial Estable de Taxi (Seetaxi), German Lobo, who blames the Public Transport Council (Consejo de Transporte Público – CTP) for leaving them no choice but to “disturb the social peace”.

Seetaxi is a grouping of informal taxis who have in the past put up blockades and threatened violence to have their demands met by the government.

The porteadores are now upset that the CTP has only processed 300 of the 2,500 operating licenses granted them in 2012. In the CTP announced it was cutting the number of operating permits in half, that it would renew only1,300 , prompting a massive demonstration.

A few weeks back, Lobo said that with the first traffic ticket they (the porteadores) will take to the street.

According to Seetaxi, traffic officials have been fining porteadores.

“We are not responsible for what may arise in the coming days,” says a statement from the porteadores organization.

Lobo did promise a heads up (warning) before any street action.

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