The incident occurred on the parallel road to the autopista General Cañas, in Belen. Photo Jorge Luis Rendón for La Nacion

A motorcyclist died this morning (Tuesday) after being hit by a vehicle driven by what witnesses describe as an angry driver, that fled the scene.

The incident occurred in La Asunción de Belén, Heredia, about 200 meters west of the Residencial Los Arcos, in the street parallel to the autopista General Cañas.


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As reported by the Red Cross Communications Center, the accident was reported at 5:40 am. When paramedics arrived at the scene the motorcyclist had already died.


Witnesses told authorities that a green car struck the motorcyclist and then fled the site.

The victim, who has not yet been identified, is a man between the ages of 20 and 25.

Authorities believe this may be a case of road rage.

Although road rage is not common on the streets of Costa Rica, leaving the scene of the accident is. Drivers under the influence

Drivers under the influence, not having a driver’s license, not having the vehicle’s documentation in order or just simply not wanting to take responsibility are some of the reasons why a driver would flee.

In our report of January 30 this year, Hit and Run Driver Kills Three Cyclists And Flees, a driver who later in the day gave himself up to authorities, in Curridabat (east side of San Jose) struck down four cyclists, killing three in an early Sunday morning incident.

Two days earlier, in our report of January 28, traffic officials had to break up a fight between two drivers in Lagunilla de Heredia. In that case, the quick action by a witness to call police prevented a fatal incident.

“I tell you, if the Transitos (traffic officials) had not been there, he would have killed the other,” said the witness you made the call to police

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