While the iPhone X preorder begins on Oct. 27, in Costa Rica we may have to wait until it arrives in the stores probably in the new year due to Apple not having enough to go around

For iPhone users, it seems like an eternity since Apple announced the iPhone X with its large screen, no home button, and fancy facial recognition.

It sounds awesome, an iPhone everyone will or should want. But there’s a problem: Apple reportedly can’t make enough of the iPhone X to go around, so expect that the iPhone X will be in very, very limited supply when Apple begins taking preorders on Oct. 27.

One analyst claims Apple is only able to manufacturer 10,000 iPhone Xs per day, which, if you consider Apple usually sells several million iPhones over a launch weekend, isn’t a lot.

Which also means that the expected arrival date in Costa Rica could be in the new year and not in December as expected.

If you really, really must have one and can’t wait to make it here, there is preorder.

iPhone X preorder date

Preorders for the iPhone X begin Oct. 27. Preorders typically start around 3 a.m. ET (1 am Costa Rica time). Deliveries are expected to arrive on Nov. 3, as well as in-store availability in the U.S.

iPhone X pricing

The 64Gb model is priced at US$999, the 256 GbBe ready to pay a lot for the iPhone X. The base 64 GB mod model US$1,149. Not cheap.

iPhone X Pre Ordering

By far the quickest way to preorder an iPhone X is by way of the Apple Store iOS app. With just a few taps you can complete the order and go back to bed. However, the Q could not confirm if the app will allow the pre order from Costa Rica.

Apple website

You should be able to preorder the iPhone X from the Apple Store website h. Using Chrome’s Hola VPN set to the United States should allow you to place your preorder.

Getting your iPhone X in Costa Rica

In the preorder you have will have specified an address for delivery. Unlikely you will have used a Costa Rica address given there is no North American style address here, meaning you will have either used a friend’s address in the U.S. or a delivery service to Costa Rica.

If the latter, check with your service before placing your preorder to avoid being disappointed.

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