estacionamientos-gratis-horas_LPRIMA20150123_0082_22TODAY PANAMA – Citing it as unconstitutional and inconvenient the Executive has objected to two articles of a bill which aims to make it compulsory to provide three hours of free parking at shops.

In a letter sent to the President of the National Assembly, President Juan Carlos Varela argues that the bill discourages the construction of more parking lots in shopping centers, in addition to those required by the regulations. “… The Executive decided that determining if the profits of the owners of rented parking spaces are excessive or not is a matter which requires more information than presently appears to be held: the investment and return on investment over a period of time. ” reports that “… According to the Executive, in the project there is no encouragement, in the specific field of commercial parking lots, for building more parking spaces per square meter of construction than those required by regulations. Nor are there rules to facilitate other forms of access that benefit citizens without a car. ”


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