Not his best moment in his first months of governing, certainly not what he expected, President Carlos Alvarado was booed in receiving his first Independence Torch.

And, unlike in previous years, President Carlos had his cabinet meeting behind closed doors, in the Cartago municipal offices.

In the past, tradition has been to hold the traditional September 14 cabinet session in the open air, the people up and close, an integral part of the event.

The only contact that President Carlos and his cabinet had with the people on this occasion was from a distant platform from the citizens, which caused their annoyance.

“Miedo, miedo, miedo!“ (Fear, fear, fear!) The Cartagineses shouted to the government, while the ‘ruler’ received the torch of Independence. from the Women’s Volleyball Team.

Despite the climate of tension in the country, this Friday the president did not call for peace and focused on defending his tax plan once again, ensuring that the country is on the verge of a financial crisis like the one that was experienced in the 80’s.

For tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 7 am is the celebration of Independence planned in downtown of San José.

For now, it is unknown what will be the participation of President Carlos in the event.

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