“I don’t like a slap at the back of my neck without knowing where it came from”, were the words by President Luis Guillermo Solís, commenting on the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep), the government regulator of public prices and services.

Solís says the Aresep has an obligation to explain to the people their criteria for setting rates.

The President says he is not too happy with the way the government regulator goes about setting prices for items like gasoline, electricity, bus fares and other rates that affect everday life.

In an interview on the radio porgram, Nuestra Voz (Our Voice) by Amelia Rueda, Solís said that the Executive Branch of government has made a request to the regulator, to explain the reasons for the frequent hikes in gasoline prices that it (Aresep) says is due to the great number of “technicalities” the entity uses to justify its decisions.

The President claims that these “hyperspecialized” entities (such as the Aresep) modify rates and prices, without regard to consumers and without providing transparency for anyone to understand their criteria.

Solís added that he made the request for accountrability as a “citizen and as president”, as well as “someone who have been popularly chosen to ensure that general law is respected”.

Source: AmeliaRueda.com

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