QCOSTARICA EXTRA – Perhaps taking a cue from Xi Jinping’s unusual and almost unheard of for a Chinese president to crack a joke in public, Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis, whistled, clapped, laughed and even imitated former president Luis Alberto Monge, during a rare interview on Tuesday with Camelia Llanta.

For about 40 minutes, President Solis broke protocol to take part in the Radio Monumental radio show featuring the cast of Pelando el Ojo.

Solis being interviewed by Camelia Llanta (a character played by comedian )
Solis (left) being interviewed by Camelia Llanta, a character played by comedian Norval Calvo.

In the conversation, moderated by Camelia (a character played by comedian Norval Calvo), Solis spoke of his administration and most of the controversial issues that have clouded his government, of nearly 18 months.

The fiscal situation of the country, the high salaries of public employees and the percentage of the disapproval of his management of the country, were among the issues discussed.

Of course, the conversation was not formal due to Camelia’s scandalous approach, mixing serious questions with a light-hearted mood and full of mischief.

Regardless of the colour of the questions, the President was seen comfortable, relaxed and enjoying himself.

“I have always enjoyed these political humour programs. During the (presidential) campaign I took part in several such as that of the La Media Docena (on channel 7) and Choce (on channel 9). This is the first time with the cast of Pelando el Ojo … an experience completely out of the ordinary,” said Solis.

President Luis Guillermo Solis with the cast of Pelando el Ojo
President Luis Guillermo Solis with the cast of Pelando el Ojo

One of the more memorable highlights was when Don Guillermo was asked if true that he and Doña Laura “kissed” like young lovers.  (Minute 24 of the video)

“Doña Laura was my student in University and as a teacher I don’t go around kissing the girls. Doña Laura wa a student of mine, in fact was the only student younger than me. Before that we didn’t know each other. Doña Laura is a very nice woman, but no,” said Solis.

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