QCOSTARICA – Only one third of Costa Ricans are positive on the work President Luis Guillermo Solís has been doing after eight months in office, says the latest poll by CID Gallup.

The poll reveals that 30% of the respondents described the work of the President as “good or very good”, while 41% believe it is “neither good nor bad” and 27% “bad or very bad”.

This places Solís near the bottom of the list of the last ten presidents, placing seventh overall, according to the survey.

The numbers also show a decline in the President’s popularity.

Last September, 43% of Costa Ricans saw Solís doing a “good” job, 45% “neither good nor bad” and 18% “bad or very bad”.

Solís, of the Partido Accion Cuidadana (PAC) party was voted on April 6, 2014 after a second round vote, winning against all odds, surveys placing him fourth prior to the February 2 voting.  Solís took the presidency on April 6 with 78% of the votes, which translates to 1.3 million votes cast for him, the most ever in any election in the history of the country.

In Costa Rica, the presidential elections are every four years, on the first Sunday of February. The winner not only has to have the majority of votes, but has to obtain over 40% of the popular vote. In 2014, neither of the top two challengers, Solís and Johnny Araya, obtained the required minimum votes on February 2.

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