On the third anniversary of her government, Presidenta Laura Chinchilla acknowledged that her to some conflicts have been slow, but did not specify which ones.

Although she argued that she has been constant with dialogue, the Presidenta also admitted some lapses in communication channels when situations reached a boiling point, and consequences were inevitable.

In a bried interview with Amelirueda.com, Chinchilla said that the style of governing is one of the things that has to change in this last year in office.

The President also acknowledged deficiencies in facilitating access to information by the public and needs to promote transparency of the decisions made by administration officials.

Basically, these are the items of focusing by Presidenta during the next twelve months.

According to political analysts, the Presidenta’s last year in office will be much of nothing, probably spending her time bolstering her image and less of governing.

The presidential elections are in February 2014, with the new president taking office the first week in May. Under Costa Rica’s reformed constitution, a president can only run for re-election after skipping out one term. Thus, Chinchilla could make a run in 2018.

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