Presidenta Laura Chinchilla does not want talks with President Barack Obama limited to drug trafficking. The Presidenta claimed that, in precedent occasions, the meetings between the United States and Central America have focused on this issue; however, this time she wants a wider agenda.

obama-visit-350Therefore, she pointed out, during the visit of President Obama she will take advantage of to talk about different issues, which will range from increasing US investment in the region to cooperation in the teaching of English. Obama will be in San Jose on May 3rd and 4th.

Chinchilla remarked that the focus of the meeting will be “development”, which implies speaking about different initiatives.

As an example, there will be talks about ways of improving the digital government and for the transfer of technology.

Also, Presidenta Chinchilla said, there will be talks on the training of human resources and on the generation of clean energy, among which she stressed importing natural gas for the production of electricity.

This, however, does not mean that the security issue will not be discussed.

The Government has not defined yet the venues for the different meetings.

With notes from La Nacion

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