With the vision of strengthening the bilateral long-term State policy, the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, and the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, generated agreements on security, migration, trade and customs modernization.

Presidents Varela (second from left) and Solils (second from right) exchanged notes regarding the construction of the Sixaola Binational Bridge, reached agreements on security, migration, trade and customs modernization.

The bilateral meeting, which took place this Wednesday, March 21, in San Jose, continues the process of common interest to strengthen the multiple links, commitments and existing alliances, which are reflected in the mechanisms, agreements, agreements and ongoing projects. between both countries.

“We have had the opportunity to review in a comprehensive, detailed and exhaustive manner our bilateral relations and positions on multilateral policy. Both leaders concluded on the urgent need to turn our dialogue into a state agenda with components that include security, trade, tourism and the development of ties between customs and migration,” said President Solis.

The Costa Rican president highlighted that Panama is a strategic nation for the development of Costa Rica, being its third commercial international partner and the second partner in visitation and investments. “In that sense, we consider the perspective we have in the short and medium term to establish multi-destination projects in tourism, infrastructure and intensify trade that is already a reality in our economies, extremely positive.”

For his part, President Varela stressed that the objective is to leave a country agenda with Costa Rica so that issues of common interest have a guarantee of continuity in the actions.

“We seek to be a single region. On the security issue, Costa Rica and Panama face the same challenges, a policy and joint operations will allow us to shield our borders, countries and neighborhoods. The increase in the production of drugs in the countries of the South not only threatens our peoples, it is a risk for our economies and the development of the region. We want to consolidate this front with permanent operations, with the necessary logistics and resources,” said president Varela.

The Panamanian President added that his country is initiating the feasibility study project for the design of a rail system that would go between Panama City and the border with Costa Rica, and that his Government considers that the project has a future extension to Costa Rica, which would allow to consolidate this tourist multi-destination and the economic and social integration of the countries.

Source (in Spanish): Presidencia.cr

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