A video on YouTube prepared by Cosey offers advice on how to prevent being a victim of a “bajonaz0”, a Spanish term to describe being held up in your vehicle at gun point.

The video (in Spanish) offers key points that can help you not become a victim.

Among them:

  • Don’t park in isolated places
  • Don’t resist your attacker
  • Use of modern electronic devices to reduce theft
  • Report any suspicious characters
  • Maintain your vehicle in good operating condition
  • Don’t drive with low fuel in your tank

A bajonazo can occur at any time and any place in Costa Rica. For this, always be aware of your surroundings when driving, like if you are being followed. Be vigilant of what is happening ahead, like is someone purposely trying to
block you?

Other good advice, includes: when arriving at home, look around before clicking on the remote garage opener. Make sure to eyeball the street before opening the garage door if going out.

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