More than 3,600 prison employees, including police, cooks and administrative staff, that could be affected by the recently passed law to block the cell signal in prisons, denounced the legislation “is against the fundamental right of people to communication”, according to a statement from their union, the Unión Nacional de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras (UNT) – National Union of Workers.

he union demands that access to the workers’ signal be guaranteed

The union highlights the case of the police officers who must remain in the center for a full week, would be held ‘incommunicado’ during that period.

“The UNT, as a majority union, supports all initiatives aimed at preventing organized crime from continuing to harm society from the prisons, but these measures can not violate the constitutional rights of citizens and in particular of the people who work in them, the penitentiary centers where the measure will be applied,” says the document signed by the UNT Deputy Secretary General, Edgar Morales Quesada.

The union demands that access to the workers’ signal be guaranteed and will use “the legal tools and mobilization of workers that are necessary to guarantee this right to workers in the prison system and particularly to our members.”

Source (in Spanish): La Nacion

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