COSTA RICA NEWS – The president of the Legislative Assembly Henry Mora said that, due to a decision by the Constitutional Court (Sala IV), debate Tuesday afternoon on whether Judge Oscar Gonzalez should be fired will be open to the public and the press. But another appeal to Sala IV filed by Gonzalez will prevent an immediate resolution.

oscar-gonzalesA three member panel of legislators appointed to study the case of Gonzalez, accused of several sexual abuse episodes against a subaltern, has issued an advisory recommending that the judge be dismissed. In the past, before the recent Sala IV decision, such debates have been held behind closed doors.

The evidence and testimony will be aired in debate but the final vote will have to await the Sala IV decision of whether it will hear the case and, if so, if the appeal has merit. The appointment of Gonzalez to the bench was made in May, 2013 but last September he was formally accused of six charges of sexual abuse.

The recommendation for dismissal of Gonzalez was made by a special panel consisting of legislators from the  National Liberation Party (PLN), Antonio Alvarez; Libertarian Carmen Quesada; and Frente Amplio party member Edgardo Araya. The panel heard the taped deposition of his accuser, Priscilla Quiros, and other evidence.

“We did not find any violations of due process of law,” said Alvarez and found the defense had it opportunity.He added that they also found no political or other ulterior motives behind the accusations. The case seemed what it purports to be, in other words.

La Nacion was only able to find one judge with reservations, PASE legislator Oscar Lopez, who wished to see the lifting of immunity of the judge before dismissal.

Article by, edited by QCR, reposted with permission

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