basic glassware(Q24N) In 2015 Guatemala led the import of glass and glassware in the region, with 87,000 tons worth US$63 million, followed by Costa Rica, which bought from abroad 84,000 tons, for US$60 million.

Market figures for glass and glassware in Central America compiled by the Business Intelligence Unit at show that in 2015 the countries in Central America together imported 331,000 tons of glass and glassware, equivalent to US$287 million.

In the case of imports and manufactures of glass made in Panama, it can be seen that in 2015 the country bought 48,755 tonnes in total, with a value of US$63 million.

Together Guatemala and Costa Rica, the major exporters, sold abroad 205,000 tons of glass and glass products, worth US$150 million.

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