It is unfortunate that some take advantage of useful sections or pages  of websites like Q’s questions and answers to spam their services and/or products.

Over the past couple of weeks I have had to clean (remove) hundreds of spam posts, some cleverly masked as questions.  For instance, what does “best long island designer” or “new york dental insurance” have to do with Costa Rica. And where is the question? The interesting is that the spammers would then use a second username to answer “their” own question. A look up  of the IP’s would reveal most (users and posts) coming from the same source.

A ban of IP did not change things. Forcing registration meant the spammer would have to spend a few more seconds on the site to register a fake user profile.

All in all, I was spending more time each day cleaning up the section. Worst it kept legimitate questions from being posted.

With regret I have had to eliminate the secion.


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