QCOSTARICA BLOG – There are a few, okay maybe more than a few things in Costa Rica that earn the “Dumb and Dumber Award” henceforth known a DDA.

My first nominee would be the all new proposed regulation giving substantial favorability to hybrid and electric cars.

The proposal says, no duties, no Marchamo, free parking smack in front of meters, anytime, any day driving in restricted downtown San Jose, parking lots to have electric chargers and this carries over to all forms of public transportation.

This all sounds good, but has anyone calculated the cost of ICE/CNFL electricity compared to the cost of gasoline or diesel? Briefly, based on my personal bills, the hybrid or electric car would be almost twice as much each month.

Better off driving watcha got!

Number two on my list is this proposal to increase medical care and control the minimum amount charged by physicians up to 330% from the current prices. Medications are sure to follow as will insurance premiums.

In addition, this will push many people over to the CAJA, which is already saturated with long lines and delays. Not to mention what will happen to medical tourism?

Pura Vida!

Number three, never go to hospital Mexico who seems to have a license to kill. Not only is there a year or more wait for critical for cardiac catheterisation, today the news released that the crack staff just transplanted a kidney that is NOT compatible in blood type with the patient.


Number Four, The world is touting avocados as a sort of you cannot do without fruit. The best, by all standards, is the Hass avocado which until recently has been imported from Peru and Chile.

However, their growing season is over.

Our local fruit lacks taste because it is short on the needed oil. But more over Costa Rica has stopped importing avocados from Mexico using some absurd regulation concerning, of all things, purity. Not the case at all. This ban is so Tico avocados can sell because not too many want this dried out quality if they can buy a Hass, and buying local fruit raises the retail price by a hefty 200% or more.

That is all for this week. I will try some more next week.