QCOSTARICA -The creative minds at Crhoy.com bring us the “perfect” vehicle that should be at Expomovil for the ever increasing traffic congestion of the greater metropolitan area of San Jose (GAM).

Caption: This is the most sought out model. For camping? No, for the traffic congestion.

Today, it can take 20 minutes on the Ruta 27 from Santa Ana to downtown San Jose or the airport. Or it can take an hour or more. It can be on a Friday afternoon or a Wednesday morning. There is no predicting it. You leave home (or work) and bam.

Some recommendations:

  • Always have a full tank of gas
  • Ensure you vehicle is mechanically sound
  • Arm yourself with patience
  • Allow plenty of time for appointments
  • Taking a detour isn’t always the best solution
  • Sundays are no different
  • Leave before 6:00am (earlier if you’re up to it) or after 9:00pm

It used to be that traffic on the autopista General Cañas into San Jose, from the airport, used to start building about 8. Then it was 7:30. Then 7. The other day, at 6:15 traffic was already horrible. The same applies in the afternoons from San Jose – Alajuela bound. Traffic congestion starts building up at about 3pm now.

Use the comment section below for your recommendations and how you beat the congestion.

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