The “Qué Comemos” express delivery meal application will close operations on July 15. The announcement was made through an email sent by the firm to its affiliated clients.

The business of food delivery platforms experience effervescence with players leaving and entering the market. In the case of Qué Comemos, an application that allows people to see view the menus of restaurants closest deliver their meals, place and order and pay for it online. The affiliated restaurants prepare the deliver the order.

The company annoucement: “Sabés que por ahí llegó una empresa grande a nivel mundial que nos puso fuerte competencia en el tema de las entregas de comida exprés y que para nadie es un secreto que está haciendo las cosas bastante bien y es por eso que hoy (viernes 15 de junio) quiero anunciarte que este es nuestro último mes de funcionamiento de la plataforma, pararemos de brindar el servicio de Qué Comemos el día 15 de julio del 2018”.

The Aoo was the first in Central America, developed in Costa Rica and has been in operation for more than six years. In the end, competition ate away (pun intended) at its market, such as the arrival of UberEats last December.

Multidelivery on-demand companies are also gaining popularity in the Tico market. Other apps, such as “Eats On” and “Go Pato” are readying to gon online.

There is no guarantee for their either. Qué Comemos is not the first to close. Not long ago “Apetito24” also closed operations after more than two years in operation.

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