A serial rapist was sentenced to 150 years (reduced by the judges to a statutory 48) for committing at least 10 rapes, three sexual abuses and three armed robberies in Heredia and San Jose in 2009 to 2012.

Head of the Goicoechea tribunal, Judge Francini Quesada, said the DNA evidence was “irrefutable” in linking Jose Luis Elizondo with the crimes after genetic tests were performed on the semen left on victims. It was a 99% match.

His crimes for which he was judged began in August of 2009 and continued until his arrest last year, and were spread out in Curridabat, Santo Domingo de Heredia, Coronado, Tibas, Moravia and San Jose. He first menaced his victims with a pistol and committed his acts in public view.

Each time, Elizondo, 33, escaped by motorcycle until, in April last year, one of his victims escaped when  group of youths approached in Coronado. She escaped the rapist and screamed for help. Her assailant was wounded and captured.

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