The collapsed Interamericana Sur (Ruta 2) some 5 kilometres north of Perez Zeledon. The road connects San José to PZ and the southern zone, including the Panama border.

QCOSTARICA – Although it will be a few more days before the ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes – MOPT) can determine the best solution for the repair of the collapsed portion of the Interamericana Sur (Ruta 2), they say it will be at least three weeks before passage – albeit temporary – will resume on the road.

On Thursday, a 100 metre (300 foot) section of the road collapsed, sliding down the slope some 80 metres (250 feet) when the earth gave way, leaving only one lane of the two lane highway.

The deputy minister of Infrastructure, Maurio Gonzalez, said that the first step is to carry out studies to determine soil stability.

The Ruta 2 is the main road that connects San José to Perez Zeledon and the southern zone to the Panama border.

Meanwhile, light passenger vehicles can use the alternate routes that through Quebradilla, Tablon, Santa Elenea, Friales and La Lucha de Cartago.

Heavy vehicles, such as tractor trailers and buses, will have to use the Costanera – that is travel west of San José to the Pacific coast to Quepos and then east. The Policia de Transito (traffic police) said they will maintain checkpoints on alternate routes to impede passage of heavy vehicles. All the alternate routes, save the Costanera, are narrow roads weaving through the mountains.

Meanwhile, for those having to move to and from the southern zone, allow more time for the volume of traffic on the alternate routes.

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