Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – QNews Costa Rica | Source: Inside Costa Rica

Last week in the United States, Energizer Holdings, makers of “Banana Boat” brand sunscreen, issued a recall for 23 varieties of its spray-on sunscreens  because users were quite literally, bursting into flames.

So far, 4 users of the sunscreens in the United States and 1 user in Canada have caught on fire after applying the sunscreen.

One man in the United States described what happened.  The man says after applying the spray-on sunscreen, rubbing it in, and waiting a few moments for it to dry, he went to turn over a hamburger on a barbeque grill, when he suddenly burst into flames.

Inside Costa Rica wanted to find out if news of the recall had made it to Costa Rica, so we sent a staff member to the AutoMercado in the popular beach town of Playas del Coco to see if any of the products were still on shelves here.

Indeed, our staff member was able to locate one of the products, a variety specifically marketed for children.

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