Badly parked vehicles contribute to the downtown San Jose traffic chaos

Starting soon, owners of illegally or badly parked vehicles, that is in places where parking is not permitted or blocking roads, driveways, sidewalks or bicycle paths, will be fined ¢51,136 colones (plus costs).

I say, owners and not drivers, because with the final approval of the reform to the Ley de Transito (Traffic Law) on Tuesday, the Policia de Transito (traffic police) can issue fines to badly parked vehicles even if the driver is not present.

The reform allows the fine to the issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, which at the time the fine is issued may not have been the driver.

The reform also allows for fines on drivers who refuse to take a roadside breathalyzer test.

In addition, drivers of light or heavy cargo such as sand, stones, gravel and including debris from construction sites, transported on national or municipal roads, will be obliged to cover the load with a suitable device to avoid material falling on the road.

The fine for not securing the load is ¢104,600 colones.

One of the promoters of the bill, Partido Acción Ciudadana (PAC) legislator Javier Cambronero Arguedas, said he lamented the deaths of people in accidents that could have been avoided, during the two years it took to get the bill approved.

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