Alberto 4by Michael Miller, Albert Brilliott, better known as “Alberto” to hundreds of his friends, will be toasted at a short remembrance ceremony at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in downtown San José, Costa Rica on Saturday August 20th, at 7 p.m.

Bill Alexander, the owner of the Sportsmen’s Lodge, said that this will be an informal event. “I plan to say a few words about my good friend, Alberto,” said Bill. “I will raise a glass to his memory, and I hope others will join me.”

Alberto, a well-known figure in Downtown San José, passed away in his sleep on Thursday, August 11. He had been a resident of Costa Rica for nearly two decades, and on many an evening could be found holding court at the Sportsmen’s Lodge.

With his extensive knowledge of San José and many of the nation’s beach destinations, Alberto was a source of information to hundreds of visitors over the past few years. One visitor, learning of Alberto’s passing, remarked, “I can’t believe I am coming to San José and I will not be able to talk with Alberto. We are going to miss him.”

Alberto had several nicknames, the most prominent being “The Sausage King,” since he made and sold authentic Italian sausages to many area restaurants. He was also known as “The Mayor of Gringo Gulch,” and “Your Information Guru.”

Alberto 5The remembrance of Alberto at the Sportsmen’s Lodge will be held just before a previously scheduled party, the third annual Miss Sportsmen’s Lodge Contest. According to Sportsmen’s owner, Bill, “We will drink to Alberto, and then we will begin the party. I know that is exactly how Alberto would have wanted it.”

The Sportsmen’s Lodge is in the Barrio Otoya section of Downtown San José. The cross streets are Avenida 9 and Calle 13. Photos of Alberto are from the Mark Wise Collection.


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