66152_620The Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio (MEIC) – Ministry of Economy , Trade and Industry  – reports that if found 10 of the 48 retailers it visited on Black Friday with “inconsistencies in accordance with current regulations”.

The violations identified by MEIC officials included: discounts applied to be less than advertised, discounts varied according to the form of payment, no clear information on merchandise that had no discounted pricing and no indication of regular and discounted price.

The MEIC says that necessary changes were made by retailers, except with three retailers that could not make the changes and will now face charges.

In addition to the inspections, the MEIC says it received 94 calls with complaints to its consumer hotlines.

The MEIC says it monitored some 30 retail adds prior to Black Friday and found almost one third (27%) were in breach of regulations.

The names of the retailers visited or those found not in compliance was not released by the MEIC.

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