Q COSTA RICA – After 11 years without a rate adjustment, the cost of a the vehicular inspection will go up ¢990 colones this month for all light passenger vehicles  (under 3.5 tons), going from today’s ¢9,930 to ¢10,920.

1959 FJ25 RTV Inspection. Photo from Pinterest

This will be the first of three staggered increased over the coming year, which takes effect once published in the official government publication, expected by Friday.

In six months, a further increase of ¢1,240 colones will take effect, when the new cost of the Riteve inspection will be ¢12,160. The third increase will take effect next May (2018), when the rate jumps to ¢13,405.

Once all three increases are in effect, owners of light passenger vehicles will be paying ¢3,475 over today’s rate, a rate that was established in 2006 and has not changed since.

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