COSTA RICA NEWS — Three times the current cost, that is what the vehicular inspection service, Riteve, is looking for. However, like every year, it is unlikely it will get it.

Riteve Cartago revision tecnica foto Jose RiveraThe company argues it has not had a rate increase in the last ten years, yet its costs have increased. Jennifer Hidalgo, spokesperson for Riteve, said the request was made before November 15, a practice it has been carrying out for some years. And every year it is denied.

“It is good business to apply every year,” said Hidalgo, in explaining the November 15 date is to allow the 45 day review period for new rates, if approved, to take effect on January 1.

In this year’s request to the Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Públicos (Aresep), Riteve SyC is asking for a 202% increase in the rate for vehicle inspections.

If approved, the current rate of ¢9.930 colones for a light passenger vehicle would jump to ¢30.030 colones.

Carolina Mora, spokesperson for the Aresep, said the request is in the “admissibility” stage.

Mora explained that there is a “contractual relationship” between Riteve and the Ministry of Transport (MOPT) that establishes the rate methodology. By addendum, signed years later, the MOPT is to publish the methodology.

“For the Aresep to approve rates it needs a clear understanding of the methodology used for the calculations, which is not available,” said Mora.


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