Former Ministro de la Presidencia and brother to two-time president and Nobel laureate Oscar, Rodrigo Arias has called it quits to his aspirations for the presidential chair in 2014.

Arias, in a press conference after meeting with his campaign staff, said Friday night he will not be running for the Partido Liberaciona Naional (PLN) party nomination at the convention in a few months, leaving the field open for San José mayor, Johnny Araya and Fernando Berrocal, the only two declared candidates.

In 2010, within days after his brother’s second term ended, Rodrigo let it be known he would be running for president in 2014, a situation that caused rumbling in the party and accusations of him undermining the new president, Laura Chinchilla, also of the PLN party.

Arias claims dirty campaigning and an attack against him as some of the reasons for his stepping down from the party nomination rate.  In the past few weeks Arias accused Araya of using municipal funds in the nomination campaign.

In the polls Arias never made it to the top, always shadowed by Araya and though he says no, he won’t run, José María Figueres.

Brother Oscar has assured everyone that the polls would turn to his brother’s favour come January, once all the holidays were over, especially the Zapote Fair which in Oscar’s opinion kep Araya in the limelight and at the top of the polls.

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