Rubén Blades | Foto EFE
Rubén Blades | Foto EFE

TODAY PANAMA (Prensa Latina) Panamanian salsa singer, songwriter, actor, Latin jazz musician, activist and Panama’s former minister of Tourism, Rubén Blades of Panama, affirmed that presidential candidate for the U.S. Republican Party, Donald Trump, embodies “the worst that exists in the noble country of the North.”

In a letter published today in his website under the title “Trumpadas”, interpreter of Pedro Navaja, among other musical hits, affirmed that bnot only U.S. citizens are the ones supporting his stupidity, but also Latins or descendants who are hypnotized by Donald’s material success think “the rich do not need to steal.”

But the truth is that “people steal because it is in their disposition, their character and because what they have never seems enough. This is the main characteristic of greed, it has no limit,” he said.

He assured many of the plans of President Barack Obama were destroyed by certain sectors and by the Republican Party represented by spokespersons like Mister Trump, who oppose the changes necessary to créate a better and more just society.

“The truth is that in the United States, the struggle, for not calling it war, is yet not only for money, but also for ideas. What is being discussed underneath is the type of society that is going to exist in that country in 20 years time,” affirmed Blades.

When referring to Trump’s campaign, the also Panamanian lawyer and politician said we should not give the credibility he seeks, as I think he is satisfying his ego with what he is doing.

“I don’t see him really dedicated to being a serious candidate and I think that when the crucial hour draws near to transform his fuss and his vague generalities into concise and serious arguments, he will retire from the campaign for incompetent,” he added.

Speaking from his experience as politician, Blades asserted that Trump’s expressions are only that, opinions and not government programs or concrete proposals aimed at facing responsibly the complexities put forward by the responsibility of public administration.

In his most recent article, he who was Minister of Tourism of Panama during the government of Martin Torrijos (2004-2009), he also compares the New York tycoon with Donald Duck, the Walt Disney popular character.

“When things did not please Donald, he would explode in a yelling paroxysm and expressed himself using a language that normal people could not understandâ”, he described.

“Donald Duck was created to make people laugh. The other Donald, as I see it, is programmed to cause damage. And that is surely no reason to laugh,” he said.

Wityh this letter, the reknowned Panamanian musician joins the group of artists that over the last weeks have raised their voices to criticize the racist and anti-immigrant positions of Trump, above all against latinos.

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