Just a few years ago, I never considered to regress to the past, or “Back to the Future”. However, I do now and it hurts, especially living in Costa Rica.

While we have promoted ourselves as the land of nature, the flip side is that we are the land of “what’s happening now”. Such a dangerous world the infrastructure cannot support modernization much more than what was “in” ten – twenty years ago.

I see, even my own family, texting rather than picking up the telephone to speak with each other. Never, to have a coffee and talk or in home visits. As one former friend said, the Ticos all say, “…we must have lunch together.” But never reveal the address where they live.”

This is not just Costa Rica, but I think the world at large. We detest person to person communication and see it as a weakness.

Whatever happened to the Costa Rica that always bade “adios”, “Buenos dias”, “como estas” with a sense of sincerity and well being? Now we pass each other on the street while making sure our cell phones, wallets and purses are well protected from others going in the opposite direction.

How sad this all is!

Years ago, I recall a small lecture by a Tico student who pointed out, “See that little man walking on the street? That is our President and do you see any body guards, sirens, cars with flashing lights?”

Admittedly and with some sense of shame I replied, “No.”

That was Pepe Figures and let me tell you that Nicaragua, at that time was still breathing down our necks.

Terrorism is nothing new: It has only advanced technically.

In fact during the FSLN – Somoza revolution of the late 70’s Ticos took sides: Either officially or just as people demanding freedom in Nicaragua. The difference between then and now was competence and targets.

Ticos never intended to injure fellow Ticos nor expats; just scare the hell out of them.

Ergo, a young couple with explosives blew up the kitchen of Kentucky Fried Chicken while the international  news media carried stories around the globe of body parts strewn across Los Yoses when In fact the body parts on my car where uncooked chicken wings.

Now, the body parts are real people as in Kenya and all over the United States, Pakistan, Israel, etc. This list is almost endless from the Orient to Europe.

So, where did peace go? When did it lose its popularity?

As I write this little piece, I can purchase any one of four AK-47s in San Jose. In the U.S. maybe some bombs to go with my rifle and in Europe explosives to level an entire building.

The end result is “no” result. Just more killing of women, children and the innocence.

So why should Costa Rica be any different or be exempt? Why are we special from the rest of the globe?

I do not know, do you?

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