El Salvador – Salvadoran took the streets today to celebrate the victory of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) in the runoff voting. Sanchez Ceren and Oscar Ortiz, FMLN leaders and the country’s virtual president and vice president, respectively, reiterated their commitment of working and ruling for all sectors.

salavadorThe results of the preliminary counting of votes give a clear advantage to the FMLN, said Sanchez Ceren, one of the historical leaders of the left party. Sanchez Ceren said that Salvadorians have lived hard times, but have built a new hope, a new future, and are now building a steady path to continue that work started in 2009.

“When we reached the presidency of this country, we began to give benefits to the poorest and most needed,” stressed Sanchez Ceren.

The FMLN historical leader said that he will always follow the Constitution, laws, and guarantee the rights of the Salvadorians, including religious, work, press, and business rights.

Sanchez Ceren also stressed that his administration will allow the people to take part in the construction of public policies, and added that he will rule fulfilling his promises and building a big national dialogue.

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