The Aeris website at 8:20am Costa Rica time.
The Aeris website at 8:20am Costa Rica time.San

(QCOSTARICA) SAN JOSE 8:20AM – The San Jose (SJO) airport continues closed. The latest infromation from Aeris, the operator of Costa Rica’s main airport, has since updated 6:00am re-opening of the airport to, first 8:00m and then 11:00am.

Currently, the website continues with a red notice, advising the airport is closed until further notice.

Hundreds of passengers, many not aware of the airport’s closure, have been continually arrive at the airport only to find that there is no certainty when and if they will be able to fly today.

If you have a schedule flight out of or to San Jose for today, best is to call your airline for an update before setting off for the airport.

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