COSTA RICA NEWS — An earthquake registering 4.3 on the Richter Scale was recorded in early hours of Saturday morning, at 1:23 am. According to the Red Sismológica Nacional (RSN)- National Seismological Network – the epicentre was one kilometre south of Alajuelita, on the side of San José, at a depth of 5.8 kilometres,

The RSN says the movement was triggered by a local fault.

Click here for the RSN map of the latest quakes.

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At 1:29 am, a 2.3 quake was recorded north of Aserri, south of Desamparados and another, a 2.4 magnitude at 1:34 am.

At 3:27 am another movement was recorded, a 3.9 magnitude, this one two kilometres north of Asserri, reports the RSN.

And yet another, a 2.8 magnitude, was recorded at 4:17 am, one kilometre south of San Antonio de Desemparados.

Both the RSN and the Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica de la Universidad de Costa Rica (LISCUR) clarified that the quake are not connected with the recent activity in the Turrialba volcano


  1. 1:23 am,Mag 4.3
  2. 1:29 am,Mag 2.3
  3. 1:34 am,Mag 2.4
  4. 1:35 am,Mag 2.5
  5. 2:06 am,Mag 2.6
  6. 3:14 am,Mag 2.4
  7. 3:27 am,Mag 3.9
  8. 4:17 am, Mag 2.8

Report Updated at 4:21am

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