Carolina Vásquez Soto is the new minister of Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Telecomunicaciones (MICITT) following the resignation of Marcelo Jenkins on Saturday.

Q COSTA RICA – Carolina Vasquez Soto has been appointed as the new head of Costa Rica’s ministry of science, technology, and telecommunications (Micitt) after the resignation of the incumbent minister Marcelo Jenkins.

Jenkins on Saturday resigned his post because he voted in the internal convention of the National Liberation Party (PLN), held in April.

Through a press release, Casa Presidencial (Presidential House) confirmed Sunday the departure of Jenkins and announced that THE decision was taken by common agreement between the official and the President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solis.

Voting in that PLN party convention, for the leadership of the party by Antonio Álvarez Desanti and Jose Maria Figueres Olsen in the 2018 Presidential elections, the now former minister would have incurred an act of undue political belligerence.

In the statement by Casa Presidencial, it said that Jenkins assured President Solis that he did not sign any adhesion to the PLN, but submitted his resignation because of the concern shown by the President.

“The Government of the Republic reaffirms its promise to remain absolutely on the margins of the next electoral contest,” emphasized the statement.

Article 146 of the Electoral Code prohibits the President of the Republic, vice-presidents, ministers, deputy ministers (and a broad range of public officials) “from participating in the activities of political parties,” among other activities.

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