(qCOSTA RICA BLOGS) As my wife of many years would complain, “Juancito, you have selective Alzheimer’s.” True and Costa Rica is not far behind with selective transparency which incorporates selective Alzheimer’s or at least dementia.

The Administration and perhaps all those past governments seem to have forgotten, who did what and when while always looking for bigger and larger fish to fry, or form a new committee to research the conclusions of the old committee until “Pass the Buck” committees simply run out.

Then like an amoeba that practices self-fertilization, a spin-off institution is born with some acronymic and initials that only those working there understand. In addition, the “Amoeba Institution” is immediately bogged down with in-fighting “politicos”. By this time years have passed and we no longer remember, what, if at all, the primary issue was in the first place.

Most Expats and even many more nationals are livid and the unions, even more so as their exorbitant salaries and benefits are being published by La Nacion, Otto Guevara, Orton Solis and now CRhoy among others. Most unlikely bedfellows. The “left” the “right” and usually a pro-government newspaper.
Monday was the ICE manifestation which I promise it was just one of many strikes to come.

“Why?” you ask.

“Fear” that for once Costa Rica will not sweep these well-known secrets under the carpet as we have so many times before. The public employees are earning double, triple what the private sector earns for like positions and we, as a nation, borrow, borrow some more and then try to collect taxes to cover this salary cancer.

While some call for a total Costa Rica referendum which would make public these salaries, and abuses, the unions said, “No way Jose.” The Government said, “Too expensive for the people to have a vote.”

In truth the public workers want to avoid the results and the elected officials tend to fail the courage test.

The biggest threat to reform is, like most things, the issue will get tossed into a deep dark hole until we all forget. Does anyone remember La Trocha scandal?

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