Tribunal de Justicia, Corredores
Tribunal de Justicia, Corredores

(QCOSTARICA) Visiting a shaman (sorcerer) to help with personal conflicts and problems of love is not an uncommon practice in Costa Rica. But, how does one know if the Shaman is for real or someone lying in wait to take advantage of the situation?

That was the case of a man claiming to be a shaman, who was sentenced to 10 years prison for raping a woman who came to him for help to clear up her relationships probelms.

The man, identified was Julian Vellez Villa (who is a foreigner and whose age is unspecified) was sentenced on Tuesday by the Tribunal Penal de Corredores, in the southern zone.

The victim said she visited Vellez to know if her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend wanted to have a stable relationship with her. However, the alleged sorcerer abused the situation, to be alone with her, to sexually attack her.

The ruling of judges Karla Montiel, Adolfo Hernández y Eladio Sánchez was unanimous.

The justices, in their reading of the decision, did not disclose details about the woman to protect her privacy.

According to the indictment filed by the prosecution, the incident occurred on March 2, 2009 in the town of San Juan de Cuidad Neily, in the southern zone.

At the time, Vellez had made a name for himself as healer with some special powers, so women visited his small office, where he would attend to their spiritual needs.

According to the woman’s story, after entering the small office, Vellez locked the door and after a brief conversation he took her by force and raped her.

The judges said they gave credence to the testimony of the victim, because they considered it coherent.

But this was not the only case against Vellez. During trial, as part of the same case, the prosecution accused Vellez of also raping another woman, who said the man attacked her during a consultation. However, the judges did no believe her story, saying her story was consistent and contradictory.


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