QCOSTARICA – The coach of Costa Rica’s world cup soccer team, Pablo Cesar Wanchope, was involved in a brawl with a security guard in the seats of the Maracana stadium in Panama, as he watched Costa Rica’s Under-23 side play an Olympic qualifier against Panama on Tuesday.

The video that has had much airtime in Costa Rica and around the world shows Wanchope forcing his way past the security gate, pushing aside a security guard, who retaliates and a brawl ensues.

In the stands observing the 2016 Olympic qualifier game against Panama,Wanchope reacted to being restrained behind a barrier when he tried to enter the field of play after the final whistle.

The videos clearly shows how Wanchope forced opened a gate leading down to the field, pushing his way through the security, pushing back at Wanchope, who then turned around and pushed back.  The man, a stadium security guard, much smaller than 6ft 4in Wanchope – attempts a flying kick before pushing him into a chair as the national team boss tries to respond, grabbing at his face and lunging with his legs. The man kicked the coach in the thigh and then threw some punches at him, while Wanchope tried to wrestle him onto some plastic seats , until police arrived to separate them.

The fight between Paulo Wanchope and Security in Panama


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Even more shameful is the brawling attitude continued well past the stands and onto the playing field as he is being escorted out of the stadium.

Brawling for Wanchope is not new. It seems not much has changed. In the late 90s and early eighties, Wanchope did more than play soccer as a forward with the Derby County, West Ham, Manchester City and Malaga.

“What a way with these Ticos,” was one comment made by the Panamanian press. “Take him away in handcuffs,” was nother commentary.

The photos and videos have been headline news in Costa Rica, Central America and around the world.

Wanchope is due back in Costa Rica this morning at 9:00am. The Costa Rican football federation has yet to comment on the incident. There is a meeting of the directors scheduled for later today.

By the way, the game ended 0-0.

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