Judicial agents remove body after pleas from neighbours. Foto: Issac Villalta
Judicial agents remove body after pleas from neighbours. Foto: Issac Villalta, Diario Extra

QCOSTARICA –  From the it could only happen in Costa Rica and found only in the Diario Extra, we have the story of a man who dies in his home, police responding to the wife’s call do nothing, she has no money to bury him and found digging hole in the yard to bury him, neighbours pleading with authorities to remove the body before it becomes a danger and the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides take to collecting money for the funeral.

In the story published in the Diario Extra, Monday, August 24, we learn that Israel Gonzalez, diagnosed with cirrhosis several months ago, released from the San Juan de Dios hospital to die peacefully at home, passed away in the couple’s bedroom on Saturday.

“He died mid-day Saturday, we were both in the bedroom and suddenly he stopped talking to me, I don’t have a penny to bury him, we called police to come, but when they came and saw him, they said they could do nothing,” said María González, Don Israel’s wife.

Neighbours got concerned when they found Maria digging a hole in the yard, where she was going to bury hed dead husband. Realizing what had happened, they called on the judicial police and any other authority they could, to somehow remove the body of  Don Israel, as with the passing hours and the heat the body was becoming a health hazard.

The house, if you can call it that, a humble structure made of zinc and wooden stumps, where Don Israel’s body was, is about 10 metres from the La Aurora de Alajuelita river.

“We are outraged, it is not possible for a person to die and police do nothing, just leave him there,” Luis Castro told the Diario Extra.

Finally, on Monday morning, Don Israel’s body was removed by judicial agents and taken to the medical forensics laboratory in San Joaquin de Flores, in Heredia.

Source: Diario Extra – Enterraría esposo en patio por falta de ataúd

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