COSTA RICA NEWS –  The Founder Institute of Silicon Valley plans to lend some support to small technical businesses in Costa Rica, La Nacion reports. To kick off the program, the organizers held an orientation meeting at the Cuartel de la Boca del Monte in Barrio California Wednesday evening.

founder-instituteThe initiative to create lasting technological businesses is in the hands of three directors: Vivian Arias, Randal Trejos and Ignacio Castro. “We’re exploring the potential and desire of Ticos to have Silicon Valley come here,” Arias told La Nacion, “It’s a pretty exclusive program.”

Although the meeting was open to to public, to achieve backing from the technological capital of the world will require a modicum of expertise — and an idea of a new product or improvement. Those interested may complete an on line form at

Founder Institute Costa Rica hopes to help 25 persons individually with a business idea. Some 10 local mentors were on hand at the meeting. These mentors will be themselves founders of compoanies such as Adrian Garcia of Carao Ventures and Manfred Perez of Metodus.

The 25 persons chosen in Wednesday’s meeting will take a four month program costing $650.

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