“It would be extremely serious to interpret this as a game or joke”, said Presidenta Laura Chinchilla, at a press conference when addressing the comments made by Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega.

“With Costa Rica you do not play with”, said Chinchilla.

The presidenta was adamant that the statements made by her Nicaraguan counterpart are “absurd and disrepectful” and that “Nicaragua has not right to Guanacaste”.

On Tuesday, in Managua, during the anniversary of the Nicaraguan Navy, Ortega said his government will make a claim for Guancaste before the International Court of Justice in The Hague. “We are not talking about a 2.8km strip of land, but thousands of square kilometres”, Ortega told his audience.

“We Costa Ricans are a peaceful people, but ready to respond to such insolence by the forces of our convictions of historical truth and international law…enough of the insults, of infamy and bravado”, said Presienta Chinchilla.

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