Saturday morning Sofia was born, giraffe number 13 that is gestated on Costa Rican soil by the hand of ‘Ponderosa Adventure Park’, responsible for the reproduction and breeding of this species in the country.

This is the fourth birth of the year. Preceding Sofia into the world are Maira, David, and Lydia.

Sofía’s mother is called Ili and her father is Mao, the 2-year-old alpha male of the Ponderosa.

“Costa Rica has a total of 14 giraffes and with this it already has a worldwide genetic reservoir of a species that is in danger of extinction because there are only 90,000 specimens left on the planet, that is, if this species ends Costa Rica saves them,” says José Luis Rodríguez, in charge of image and communication at Ponderosa Adventure Park.

The reproduction of these animals in the country is a resounding success.

At the Ponderosa Park (formerly called Africa Mia) – located in Liberia, Guanacaste – there are more than 300 animals among wildebeest, watusis, oryxes, zebras (two subspecies), dromedaries (also called the Arabian camel), ostriches, bongos, white-tailed deer, ponies, mules and other animals native to Costa Rica.

All the giraffes of the country are located in the province of Guanacaste.

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