Soho Mall Panama
Soho Mall Panama

(Q24N) As time passes there is growing uncertainty on the part of traders that have shops in Soho Mall in Panama about the future of the company which has been included on the US government’s list of companies suspected of money laundering.

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP):

Entrepreneurs are asking local authorities to intervene in the situation faced by companies included in the Clinton List.

Panama, August 29, 2016

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP) has expressed concern, as more than three months after several Panamanian companies were included in the so-called Clinton List, and although operating licenses have been extended to some of them, there is uncertainty about being able to to comply with bank transfers and payments of their suppliers on time, because of the multiple steps that must be taken in order to achieve this and because there is no certainty over the future of their operations as well as the fact that it is difficult to manage providers and suppliers who feel that these businesses could close at any time.

These remarks came during a second meeting between executives of the business association with representatives of companies operating in the premises established in Soho Mall, businessmen affected by the inclusion of Soho Panama, S.A. in the Clinton List, but who are not responsible nor have they anything to do with the companies included in the Clinton List, but who are however being seriously affected.


Earlier this year, authorities pounced on Panama businessman whose family ‘laundered funds on behalf of Colombian and Mexican drug cartels’. Read more ar the


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