President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís, for more than three hours Tuesday, met with the elected legislator members of the Movimiento Libertario discussing the options for the next Legislative Assembly with legal reforms to help lower the cost of electricity.

President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís hams it up with legislator-elect Otto Guevara | Photo:  ALBERT MARÍN.
Political rivals, president-elect Luis Guillermo Solís and Otto Guevara ham it up. | Photo: ALBERT MARÍN.

Headed by former presidential candidate, leader of the Movimiento Libertario and legislative party whip, legislator-elect Otto Guevara, there was an agreement to create a special commission to explore the legislative reforms.

According to Guevara, the intention is to reduce the impact of the cost of electricity the pockets of Costa Rican. During the presidential elections, that was precisely one of the Libertarian promises.

“I am very pleased with the willingness to expedite the discussion”, said Solís, who faces a fragmented legislative assembly.

Besides the meeting with Guevara and the Movimiento Libertario party, the president-elect had meetings with three other legislative opposition groups, with the intent to measure the support for the PAC’s control of the Legislative Asembly on May 1.

Meeting with Solís were legislator-elect Fabricio Alvarado and Carlos Avendaño, current legislator of the Restauración Nacional. Avendaño offered Solís his support on all social issues for the welfare of the country, regardless of the origin.

The president-elect also met with Gonzalo Ramírez, Abelino Esquivel and Juso Orozco of the Renovación Costarricense party. Ramírez and Esquivel are newly elected, while Orozco is the current legislator for the party.

“We support the rulers because they are a choice of God”, said Orozco.

Also in the meetings was Mario Redondo, legislator-elect for the Alianza Demócrata Cristiana (ADC). Redondo, who is seeking the chair of the Legislative Assembly, criticized Solís and the PAC, saying “it is an obsession of the PAC to chair the legislature”.

“The PAC is useless to chair the Legislature, as it may become the target of all criticism”, said Redondo.

The legislator-elect from Cartago added that he will, however, support the PAC in any initiative to reduce poverty and bring economic development to his province.

Source: La Nacion

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