‘Barrios de Pie” will head today in several parts of the country a protest to demand the urgent implementation of the law of Social Emergency.

Q24N – Buenos Aires, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Argentinean organization ”Barrios de Pie” (Neighborhoods on their Feet) will head today in several parts of the country a protest with the opening of soup kitchens to demand the urgent implementation of the law of Social Emergency.

More than one month since its approval in Congress, the organization has denounced that the law is yet to be enacted because it lacks the signature of President Mauricio Macri.

The ‘ollazo’ as this initiative is called, will be heard in the emblematic Obelisque of Buenos Aires, in Mar del Plata and in Villa Carlos Paz, in the province of Cordoba.

According to schedule, at 7:00 local time the first casserole will be installed at the Obelisque and after that they will make another at midday, and the same is to be repeated in the two other localities. In the afternoon they will collect signatures to ask for the enactment of the law, approved last December 14.

After a long fight headed by diverse social moverments, they achieved to declare for three years the Emergency that should benefit 3.5 million low-income workers.

‘That the Social Emergency law has no regulations is a worrying fact. A bad sign. This law is an instrument to alleviate the aggravated situation of the low-income sectors, pointed recently in a communiqué the coordinator of Barrios de Pie, Daniel Menendez.

After several months of goings and comings and demands on the streets by social organizations, the declaration of the Social Emergency was made into law at Congress by unanimity.

According to what was approved the emergency was proposed until December 31 of 2019 throughout the national territory and based on the law will be created the Council of People’s Economy and the Complementary Social Salary (CEPSSC) in the orbit of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation as the permanent institution to enact the law.

In its 12 articles, the initiative includes the creation of the National Register of People’s Economy where workers in this category should register to access the benefits.

The so-called soup kitchens consist in transferring these community diners to several important points of the city, where meals are prepared collectively.

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