Starting Friday, October 5, Spirit Airlines will be providing non-stop service between Orlando  (MCO) and San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO). For the first month, to November 7, the airline will offer four weekly flights, after that the service will be daily.

“We congratulate Spirit Airlines for this important announcement that without a doubt will bring really competitive offers and will further strengthen the destiny to the United States,” said Maria Amalia Revelo, Minister of Tourism.

“The U.S. market continues to be the main generator of tourists to the country, with almost 1.3 million visitors… With this new route, the air operations of this important market will be strengthened and new opportunities will be opened up at really competitive prices,” said Revelo.

The addition of Costa Rica is part of Spirit Airlines adding 14 new destinations to its flight service out of Orlando International Airport including daily flights to Puerto Rico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Colombia and less frequent flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A check on fares, subject to government approval, for October 5 non-stop from Orlando to San Jose, US$81.86 and return fare on October 12, US$113.56, for a total fare of US$195.42.

Same dates, but flight originating from San Jose US$114.41 and return from Orlando, US$67.71, for a total fare of US$182.12.

Visit the Spirit Airlines website.

Spirit Airlines is recognized for offering competitive rates at low cost up to 30% than other airlines and stands out for the efficiency in the use of fuel. They develop an operation of more than 500 daily flights to 67 destinations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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