Albino Vargas is the leader of the union collective, Patria Justa
Albino Vargas is the leader of the union collective, Patria Justa

QCOSTARICA – The leader of the union collective Patria Justa, Albino Vargas, says the strike that began this morning Monday (October 26)  is not indefinite, political or general, rather there is intention to dialogue the issue of public employment.

Vargas, speaking on the morning radio show Nuestra Voz, said he never used the term “indefinitely” because the movement (strike) will end once agreements are reached with the government.

The union leader says the Patria Justa is willing to negotiate, however, would not go as far as saying the strike ends today or which day for that matter.

Vargas added that today’s protest is not “one single” movement, rather 12 movements in various locations across the country.

The Patria Justa is made up of a number of public workers unions, including the workers of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) which normally do their own thing.

Vargas emphasized that the intention of the union bloc is to put on the negotiating table the issue of public employment, to establish a road map and not a “de facto” to legislative reforms.

The union leader also rejects the idea that the country’s fiscal deficit is because of (high) public sector employee salaries.


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